UVE Day 2024

CPG Evolution:
Navigating AI, RGM
and Omnichannel RTM

May 30 – Barcelona


Join us at UVE DAY for a journey into the future of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, where Artificial Intelligence meets Revenue Growth Management (RGM) and Omnichannel strategies.

This unique event offers a comprehensive look at how these cutting-edge approaches are reshaping sales, marketing, and technology in the CPG sector.

Gain practical insights and actionable strategies to harness the power of AI, optimize your RGM practices, and develop a comprehensive omnichannel approach. Learn how to create seamless and personalized customer experiences across all channels, leading to increased engagement and sales.

This event is an opportunity to explore the synergies between AI, RGM, and omnichannel strategies, providing you with a holistic view of the modern CPG landscape.

Join us at UVE DAY to unlock the full potential of your Route to Market!

Why Participate?

for market developers


Learn through real use cases the best practices of IA, RGM, Omnichannel, etc.

Insights UVE Solutions


An event to share ideas, challenges and successful strategies with top professionals of the CPG industry

Continuos innovation for CPG sector


Discover our latest innovations and developments on Data Science and IA to keep your business up to date​


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Attendees Profile


• 10.00 – Arrival
• 10.30 – Welcome, objectives and agenda review
• 11.00 – Moving Forward: UVE & AI
• 12.15 – Revenue Growth Management (RGM) for CPG
• 13.00 – Finger Lunch
• 14.00 – Road to Omnichannel
• 15.00 – Keynote Speaker: Pablo Foncillas – Mission Impossible in B2B? Uniting Sales Forces and Onlines Sales
• 17.00 – Activity: Barcelona Bay Sailing Experience
• 18.00 – Departure
• 20.00 – Dinner

Keynote Speaker

Pablo Foncillas

Pablo Foncillas Díaz-Plaja PhD MBA
Independent board member, researcher and speaker in business innovation

Mission Impossible in B2B?: Uniting Sales Forces and Online Sales

Many salespeople view the introduction of digital channels for selling with suspicion, fearing for their jobs or losing skills as well as compensation. But is it true that traditional sales and digital channels are in opposition?

In B2B sales, commercial teams have been key as drivers of selling their products and services. However, the advent of the online world has caused significant disruptions. New forces and dynamics threaten the professional-to-professional sales model as we know it. 

Do digital sales channels replace sales forces? Can they collaborate and complement each other to better connect with customers? If so, how? Based on research conducted over months, and years of experience in the sector, this conference aims to address the complexity and challenges of integrating offline and online in professional sales.

In this session, we will learn how to combine these two selling methods with an omnichannel vision, based on real data and studies, but also on specific cases of companies that have faced this highly topical issue.


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