Simplify Retail Data Management

Retail data management

When it comes to leveraging sales data from retail for decision-making, Consumer Goods manufacturers face the challenge of dealing with a large amount of information from various sources, leading to issues of data fragmentation, quality, and analysis. With UVE, you can forget about dispersed and fragmented data. Our Platform provides you with a comprehensive view of all relevant data shaping your business, empowering you to optimize decision-making.
UVE platform centralizes all retail data management

Ensure Data Consistency & Quality

data quality

Elevate your confidence in business analyses and decisions. With UVE, rest assured that the accuracy and quality of your data are maintained throughout every step of the integration process, leaving no room for errors or misinterpretations.
UVE ensures tha maximum data quality in all integration processes
UVE is the single point access for retail data management

A centralized solution for easy data management


Access all your data in one place.

UVE provides you with a single access point to analyze all the information from organized retail: Sales information, market data, sectoral surveys, investments by banner or point of sale, commercial activity information, and more.

Integrate and align all data sources in a single environment to gain an accurate view of your business performance

Improve Your Decision-Making Process


With UVE, you will gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Our Platform provides you with advanced analytics tools that enable you to leverage valuable insights and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Analytics tools provided by UVE help to better understand retail data


Establish a unified view of all information related to retail

Easily Connect UVE With Your Tools
Data Integration
Standardization, alignment and matching from various sources
Integrate UVE Solution
Data Enrichment
Enrich your data using sources of any origin
Data Quality
Maximum Granularity
Develop business actions based on real business data
Sales Force Analysis
Advanced Analytics
Detailed analysis and measurement of sales force activity
Specialized Reports
Business KPIs
Total insight granularity for better decision-making
Sales Force Automation
Integrate sales force automation solutions to increase your commercial effectiveness
UVE's integration with over 400 ERPs allows you to leverage all your data, regardless of your workflow

Seamless Integration


UVE is a flexible solution for data integration, letting you interact with the most widely used ERPs, CRMs and SFAs applications in the CPG distribution industry. Achieve an easy and fast synchronization with your business tools, always with the maximum security to protect your data.
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