Retail Management

Gain a unified view of organized retail

Establish a unified view of all information related to organized retail and analyze it through a single point of access, guaranteeing data quality.

UVE Platform allows you to integrate and align all data sources within a single environment:

Sales information, market data, sector surveys, investments by banner or point or sale, business activity information, etc.

The incorporation of various data sources in UVE Platform allows you to add an extra analytical layer and establish KPIs using the Business Analytics modules to measure business activity efficiency and profitability by point of sale and/or flag.


Organized-retail solutions

Icono Data Integration

Data Integration

Standardization, alignment and matching from various sources

Icono Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enrich your data using sources of any origin

Icono Maximum Granularity

Maximum Granularity

Business actions based on real business data

Icono Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Analysis and measurement of sales force activity

Icono Business KPIs

Business KPIs

Total insight granularity for better decision-making

Icono SFA integration

SFA integration

Ability to integrate sales-force-automation solutions

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