UVE CPG Solutions & Modules

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data

  • Ensure all your data quality and data integration processes
  • Elevate your route to market strategy with AI and data-driven insights
  • Automate sales & operation planning tasks with third parties
  • Implement an Omnichannel route to market strategy
Solutions UVE


A Modular and End-to-end Solution for CPG Companies

Unlike other generic solutions (SaaS) on the market, UVE offers an all-in-one solution that specializes in the technological and business needs of the CPG industry

Optimize your business with an end-to-end ecosystem that integrates data, insights and execution tools


Data UVE Solutions


Ensure Data Quality and Data Integration

UVE’s Data Sharing and Data Science models, based on AI and Machine Learning, guarantees a proper data matching for all your integration, quality, enrichment and data analysis processes:

  • Integrate sectoral census and geomarketing data to maximize sales opportunities
  • Discover the best places to address your sales force thanks to predictive sales models
  • Identify gaps between sales forecasts and your current budget
Insights UVE Solutions


Elevate your business strategy with data-driven insights

Develop your business strategy with confidence by obtaining data-driven insights linked to your real market execution, so you can apply them quickly into action on your commercial strategy:

  • Save time with preset sales reports specially adapted to the CPG sector
  • Automatically detect business trends and set custom alerts to identify areas of improvement
  • Enact advanced segmentation of customers classifying them according to purchasing patterns and potential
Execution UVE Solutions


Automate and Implement an Omnichannel RTM Strategy

Gain greater reliability and efficiency across all your manufacturer – third parties operations by automating commercial agreements and implementing integrated execution tools:

  • Automate sales & operation planning tasks, like settlements, transfer orders and more
  • Close business agreements based on the actual performance of third parties
  • Implement an omnichannel Route to Market with mobility & e-commerce integrated solutions
ViktorIA the AI from UVE Solutions


Artificial Intelligence for RTM

As the brain behind UVE, Viktoria turns your data into competitive strategies, offering tailored solutions. Intuitive and easy to integrate, it democratizes access to advanced AI, turning complexity into clarity and effectiveness.

Viktoria is not just a tool, but a strategic partner, preparing you to lead the digital transformation in the Consumer Goods sector.

a connected ecosystem

Seamless Integration

UVE is a flexible solution for data integration, letting you interact with the most widely used ERPs, CRMs and SFAs applications in the CPG distribution industry.

Achieve an easy and fast synchronization with your business tools, always with the maximum security to protect your data.

UVE's integration with over 400 ERPs allows you to leverage all your data, regardless of your workflow
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