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UVE SOLUTIONS was present at the 12th Congress HORECA of AECOC

The UVE solutions team was a co-sponsor of the 12th AECOC HORECA Congress – celebrated in Madrid on October 1st and 2nd – which we attended together with more than 450 professionals and executives from the main companies Manufacturers, Distributors and Institutions Which operate in Spain.

In the spirit of promoting a friendly meeting point between Manufacturers and Distributors, UVE solutions sponsored a small space in the hall of the Congress Center of Madrid: there we offered a cheese fondue on the first day; And a waterfall of chocolate with fruits and goodies the second, both located next to our stand for enjoyment of the assistants. . Fondue represents collaboration and co-creation between ingredients to achieve a more valuable result; As well as the collaboration that facilitates UVE between manufacturers and distributors with the model and platform Connecta that maximizes results.

Regarding the topics discussed in the Congress, the prospect of recovery of the sector by the end of this year was the best news that was shared during the event. Specifically, the sector expects to close 2014 with a + 3% increase in value, after six consecutive years of decline, according to Javier Campo, president of AECOC. This positive trend change has been confirmed since it started in the last quarter of 2013.

The hotel industry will close 2014 with a 3% increase in income

Throughout the two days, there was much talk about the growing need for collaboration and co-creation between Manufacturer and Distributor, as it is becoming more important and strategic for both. For this, the following are fundamental aspects: information transparency, customer and product intelligence solutions, and the route to market. UVE solutions thus becomes a strategic partner for the development of the business under these new management parameters.

Other topics drawn from various presentations and round tables, which we want to share with you are:

  • New players in the sector and the supply chain:
    • Qualidade, Pascual Quality company, wants to become a distributor of other brands / manufacturers.
    • The French distribution giant POMONA is going to land in Spain with a strategy of gaining coverage step by step: for now it has bought CADAICO (based in Barcelona).
    • Collaborative consumption comes as a new player: competition from hotels (such as AirBnB) and restaurant (like EatWith).
  • Social networks and everything related to Social Web 2.0:
    • They are new channels to communicate and / or sell (Grupalia, Trip advisor-The Fork, …): a showcase, and a new sales channel: useful tools for baristas, hoteliers and hoteliers.
    • Coca-Cola has launched its own apps: Whats RED, with the same goal.
  • The new consumer searches for: “LOVE places”
    • Need to identify new market segments: Trendy establishments, TOP cooks, etc …
    • Interesting to segment by the best valuations of the own consumers (reputation online).
  • The 3 trends that will move the most in the HORECA channel:
    • Technology: full integration of new technologies (mobile, apps, …) and social web.
    • Health & sustainability: ecological, local, fresh, collected the same day, km0, fair trade, sustainable, …
    • Authenticity & transparency: credibility, origins, supply chain, training consumers / baristas, …

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