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UVE solutions repeats sponsorship at the 13th AECOC HORECA Congress

UVE solutions has been again co-sponsor in the 13th edition of the AECOC HORECA Congress.

On May 12 and 13, 2015, the event was held at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, under the title “Preparados para Crecer”, which recovered a record of attendees surpassing the figure of 500 professionals, a level of attendance that Was not reached since 2009.

Inside the auditorium we were able to hear very positive messages about the current and future of the sector, which were repeated and reinforced in the presentations by: Octavio Llamas (President of the HORECA Committee of AECOC and President of Autogrill), José María Rubio Juan Jose Rosell (President of CEOE), Francisco Javier Campo (President of AECOC and President of Grupo Cortefiel), Tomas Pascual (Vice President of AECOC and President of Quality Pascual), Amancio López Seijas (President of Exceltur and Grupo HOTUSA), Alberto Torrado (Chairman of the Board of Directors of ALSEA Group) and some other speakers.


Experts from investment and venture capital firms also reinforced their optimistic view of the relevance and attractiveness of this sector for them, at a panel discussion attended by top executives from European Capital Partners, Nazca and Corpfin Capital.

The attendees made several votes, one of which also reflected this vision of a future where the sector of bars and restaurants will specifically base their growth based on increased traffic (visits to their establishments).

There is also talk of a natural selection within the establishments and the supply of the sector, propitiated by the years of crisis and by the new demands of the consumer.

Factors that are already propitiating this new scenario, are several such as: tourism + a national consumer who wants to indulge, go back out, have fun and have fun, meet friends and live new experiences thanks to catering and hospitality ( According to Ken Hughes – CEO of Glacier Consulting – AECOC Shopper view, “Why people go to bars” by Nielsen and Index K, …) + new consumer opportunities outside the home and new needs + The growth of consumption on the go and take away + the increase of the senior target and the offer of health for young and old, among the most mentioned in the course of these two days.

This year, several speakers and speakers have focused on the issues that focus our value proposition (UVE solutions) to the sector. Issues related to the activity of UVE were put on the table, such as: the importance of Big data, information and technologies in general, transparency between manufacturer and distributor, knowing the common business and common customers, machine learning , etc…



The final cherry to the Congress, was Kike Sarasola (President of Room Mate Hotels and Bemate.com) disruptive entrepreneur in the hotel sector where there are.

And the best of the Congress, certainly the spaces and moments to share and chat with different professionals of the sector. The attendees of the UVE solutions team were able to greet and comment with clients, acquaintances, and friends, … of the companies Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Logistic Operators, Retailers, Restorers, Hoteliers, Institutions, Associations, Academics, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, … All the AECOC team that as always created an exceptional framework for all attendees.

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