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UVE customers meeting … Visiona 2.5

On May 20, 2014 this event took place with the main focus on the launch of the new version of Visiona 2.5. Our goal was to surprise our customers with more ease of use and new reports that bring them closer to the best practices in the sector, always focused on improving the knowledge of the indirect market and activating ideas to boost the business.

The day took place in the offices of UVE and mainly consisted of a training session given by our team of R & D and development of customers. Some of the novelties of the new version that aroused most interest were:

  • The new Business Review model for periodic monitoring of the business (or specific areas or distributors), based on best practices in the market.
  • The tools to support growth projects through referencing and optimization of the assortment in the clients.
  • The new Flash, modernized and improved with new ratios of fidelity and innovation, as well as the analysis of the sources of growth.
  • New map reports.

Throughout the day we had the opportunity to discuss ideas, needs and proposals of our clients. This valuable feedback will serve as a starting point to guide the developments of the coming months, so that Visiona remains aligned with the real needs of the market.

The objective of the UVE meeting is to make it easier for the participants to contact and share impressions with colleagues from other companies of Connecta and Visiona, whose needs and problems are in many cases similar. The event ended with a meal in which the participants took the opportunity to add experiences and build good relationships.
We want to thank the huge success of the call, as well as the interest and active participation of all attendees … and to place all our clients in the 2015 call.

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