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UVE Cart expands its operational coverage to B2C sales

Route to Shopper strategies in the HORECA sector have accelerated their digital transformation due to the new market environment and the need to adapt to the post-covid19 era.

UVE Cart is a sales and digital communications channel with outlets, specifically for actors in the HORECA sector. Now it adds functionality addressing requirements of the B2C environment, in a unique platform.

UVE Cart allows users to successfully navigate the digital channel by offering an end-to-end mobile e-commerce solution. Cart expands its functionality to the B2C environment, offering a unique sales analytics and management platform to boost the digital channel.

The recent developments in the market towards digitalization and omnichannel has created a series of needs in distribution companies. In this new digital environment, access to qualified information and valuable data, as well as choosing the right digital platforms, are essential to digitalize order management and master the Route to Shopper strategies.

Cart allows the FMCG businesses to manage and carry out total control of orders and purchases. The technology and new functionality of UVE Cart, available in both the B2B and B2C versions, incorporates Artificial Intelligence, positioning it as a unique application in the market space, capable of making suggested orders and smart promotions for users.

With UVE Cart, companies will be able to upload their product catalogue and direct their own promotions in a segmented way, in order to be more efficient in their strategy. Thanks to the news wall, launching new products and offers will impact customers in real time.

In addition, Cart’s differential value also focuses on the ability to offer constant dialogue with customers. UVE Cart responds to these demands by integrating an online direct conversation channel into the application that allows the user to connect with distributors and manufacturers at any time and receive the latest news through the news wall, based on their preferences.

With UVE Cart, manufacturers and distributors will be able to optimize the resources dedicated to promotional activity, directly impacting the customer and obtaining a new channel for order management.

Find out more about UVE Cart:https://www.youtube.com/watch?

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