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The perfect execution at the Point of Sale

Why does a perfect execution at the #PointofSale start from knowing our Customers of the HORECA and IMPULSE channel better?

The perfect execution at the point of sale, begins by applying data intelligence to the Route to Market. By analyzing quality and enriched information, highly segmented commercial actions can be directed, thus contributing to a better ROI.

UVE accompanies FMCG product companies on the 6 steps journey to efficiently activate action plans at the point of sale: know, qualify, segment, analyze and plan, execute and customer development.

The fragmented channel involves complex management due to its high capillarity. These are some of the keys to improve efficiency in the channel:

  • Know the target market and meet our current clients
  • Qualify and segment customers
  • Define actions with a telescopic sight, to execute with maximum precision and granularity.
  • Manage a go to market of promotions and actions, fast and agile.
  • Measure what works and what doesn’t.

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