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FEHRDATA identifies the most TRENDY restaurants in Spain

TRENDY local release at FEHRDATA: 18 November 2014

In UVE solutions we are attentive to social trends and changes in consumer habits, to identify relevant segments of market consumption points, which respond to the needs of manufacturers and distributors in the sector.

The reduction of the level of business of the HORECA channel – almost a 20% of consumption outside the home in the last 5 exercises -, has favored the effort of the establishment of restoration to differentiate from the rest.

As a consequence of the changes resulting from the digital tsunami, FEHRDATA will incorporate new segmentations into its market intelligence services to identify TRENDY stores within its census of consumer points HORECA.

For example, of the 75 thousand restaurants surveyed in this year 2014, almost 30 thousand establishments have been classified as TRENDY premises, of which only 9 thousand would be among the TOP TRENDY.

We identify as TRENDY: those restaurants that are fashionable, which are a current trend of the market for hotel consumers; As reflected by the opinions of the consumers of these establishments.

The restaurants with category TRENDY, can be subdivided in turn in three profiles very differentiated:

  • PREMIUM or LUXURY: high-end shops, high prices and quality, with a certain glamor and exclusivity, which usually have a certain continuity in time
  • COOL: avant-garde restaurants, which are fashionable to this day but can go trendy, modern style, some with terrace and possibility of drinking as well as dinner
  • POP: they include locals with simpler features but they are very popular with consumers, and generally more affordable in their pockets

In an environment where consumption outside the home recovers after more than 4 years of red, but still with figures well below the boom period, these innovative typologies identify segments of value between the set of consumption points (Establishments).


According to Jordi Vila Oliva, Managing Director of UVE solutions and Counselor of Fehractiva,: “Hotel entrepreneurs see the need to have new strategies for competitiveness. The “trendy” stores are able to bring a significant difference for the customer to a more price-orientated market and new outlets for organized chains. ”


The Association for the Study of Restoration and Collectivities (Club Greco) has carried out a “Guide to innovations in the horeca channel”, in collaboration with Fehrativa (a company of which UVE solutions participate). The Guide gathers some of the innovations that the manufacturers develop working with the whole of the channel and the trends that characterize the establishments, the latter based on our FEHRDATA information.
At the presentation of this guide, held on November 18, 2014, UVE solutions presented the innovative segmentation of local Trendy typologies in Spain, before a magnificent forum composed by the manufacturers associated with Club Greco, Institutions and media.
The main sectoral media have echoed this innovation:

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