Elevate your RTM Strategy with ViktorIA


As the brain behind UVE, ViktorIA makes your data your greatest competitive advantage, transforming them into cutting-edge business capabilities based on Artificial Intelligence.

ViktorIA the AI from UVE Solutions

What is ViktorIA?

Welcome to the business future of the Route to Market

To enhance the power of UVE’s data intelligence, we’ve elevated our solutions with ViktorIA, our core Artificial Intelligence capabilities. 

ViktorIA is not just a technology, it’s a strategic partner, a roadmap for leading AI applications in your Route to Market, ensuring that every piece of information becomes a strategic advantage for your business.

Adopting ViktorIA, you will be at the forefront of AI in the CPG sector, embracing a technological revolution.

integration into UVE

with UVE

AI is not an add-on, it is the core of our technology. With UVE and ViktorIA, you pilot your business with the most advanced vertical solution on the market.

UVE AI for CPG Sector

AI for the
CPG Sector

ViktorIA offers practical and specific Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods sector, adapted to the unique needs of our clients.

Continuos innovation for CPG sector


ViktorIA is at the forefront of technology, constantly learning from your data to bring you new business capabilities.

Empower your business with Artificial Intelligence

Strategic Avantages of ViktorIA


Artificial Intelligence Is the Brain of Our Technology

All Our Data Quality Data Integration Data Matching Data Excellence Business Alerts Analytics Projects Are Driven by AI

As the core of UVE Cloud, ViktorIA oversees every data process to ensure the highest quality for your data, transforming complex information into new commercial capabilities, driving innovation and efficiency across your business.

Platform, UVE Solutions


How can ViktorIA benefit my business?

Explore ViktorIA’s advanced solutions specifically designed to boost your commercial actions in the Route to Market

Data Quality
Data Matching

Unmatched Accuracy

ViktorIA is designed to optimize every aspect of data management by eliminating inconsistencies and redundancies, thereby elevating your decision-making with the highest standards of data quality
Order Automation
Suggested Order

Order Management

ViktorIA effectively tackles the challenges in order and promotion management with customers by offering Smart and Automated Order Suggestions, to maximize sales opportunities and optimize costs
Demand Forecast
Demand Forecasting

Sales Prediction

ViktorIA resolves the difficulty in anticipating market demand by employing predictive analytics and machine learning, enabling accurate forecasts of future sales, optimizing production, and reducing overstock
Potential Shop
Point of Sale Potential

Maximise your Opportunities

ViktorIA enables you to uncover the true potential of each sales point for your business, allowing you to focus time and resources on those that generate higher sales, ensuring a targeted and effective sales execution
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Our Purpose in the cpg industry​

Transform the commercial process of manufacturers and distributors towards a business model based on Data Intelligence Automation

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