Salesforce Integration for UVE STREET

Optimize your business strategy with UVE Street (SFA) for Salesforce

Does your company already use Salesforce or another CRM to manage customers, but your Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution does not adapt to the needs of your sales team?

At UVE, we understand that point-of-sale execution can be complex and highly specialized. That’s why we’ve developed UVE Street, an SFA solution, perfectly integrable with Salesforce and specifically designed to meet the needs of sales teams in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector.

Achieve the Perfect Execution


Our Front-Office is an autonomous solution that allows your sales teams to operate effectively at the point of sale. A mobility tool designed for achieving better efficiency, allowing your sales team to optimize routes, automate orders, manage inventory, and provide an excellent customer service.

Enhance Salesforce’s capabilities


But what makes UVE Street stand out even more is its ability to easily connect with Salesforce.

This means you can maintain all the advantages of our Front-Office while seamlessly connecting to your Salesforce CRM to manage data, define actions, segment customers, and execute campaigns with precision at the point of sale.


A winning combination for the CPG Sector

Our seamless integration ensures that you can make the most of your existing data infrastructure while boosting your sales team’s efficiency with a specialized Consumer Goods sector app that enables you to:

Accomplish your goals in all Channels

Guide your sales team precisely to execute successful strategies in both OnTrade and OffTrade. UVE Street adapts to each channel and category of sales points

Gain Complete Sales Visibility

Integrate Sell Out data from your distributors and third parties to know sales at each point of sale. Visualize their activity and get key insights for your decision-making.

Achieve the Perfect Store

Define your Picture of Sucess for each sales point and obtain specific action recommendations to increase your 'Perfect Store' score

Identify Commercial Opportunities

Uncover assortment opportunities, automate product recommendations, and deliver exclusive promotions to each customer. Optimize your commercial activities

Ennhance Orders Efficiency

Automate order taking, ensure On time In full (OTIF) deliveries, and track with precision through seamless integration of each transfer order into your distribution community's ERP.

Promote an Omnichannel Strategy

UVE Street allows you to synchronize your commercial strategy across all channels, providing an experience tailored to each customer, regardless of how they prefer to interact with you


Custom Solutions to Suit Each Sales Profile

for presales

For Presales

Get key commercial information to adjust the value proposition for your customers

  • Suggest the right products for each outlet segment
  • Introduce custom offers and discounts
for market developers

For Market Developers

Identify ideal assorment gaps and ensure portfolio growth
  • Ideal assortment compliance monitoring
  • Maximize OTIF delivery of transfer orders
for auditors

For Auditors

Boost your execution performance in the outlet
  • Provide an accurate audit of the execution in the outlet
  • Maximize visibility and availability of your products
for sales managers

For Sales Managers

Help your sales team and steer your commercial strategy better and faster
  • Increase the average performance of your sales force
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your commercial activity

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