A unique and modular solution for sales process excellence


  • Integrate all your sales channels and transform your commercial processes with our all-in-one solution (SaaS): Data – Insights – Execution
  • Enter a new era of commercial excellence with AI-powered solutions tailored for CPG companies
  • Elevate your Route to Market Strategy with complete outlet visibility and an Omnichannel approach
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A Vertical Solution for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Unlike other generic solutions (SaaS) on the market, UVE offers an all-in-one solution that specializes in the technological needs of the CPG industry. Ensuring a quick implementation in complex integrations with any ERP and other tools taking just a few weeks.

Reduce time implementing new data projects

Save costs with an adapted solution for CPG needs

Create cutting-edge projects with the latest sector trends


Data – Insights – Execution

Tailored for manufacturers and distributors, our all-in-one solution is designed to transform your commercial processes through Data Intelligence Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

UVE maximizes the effectiveness of your data and sales channels by ensuring the highest standards of Data Quality and Integration, Insight Generation, and Swift Execution, which are key success factors to achieve commercial excellence in your Route to Market Strategy

Ensure Data Quality and Integration with UVE's CPG Platform


Ensure Data Quality and Integration

Turn Data into Knowledge with Insights at UVE's CPG Platform


Turn data into

Transforming knowledge into execution with UVE's CPG Platform


Transform Knowledge into Action

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Where can we help CPG companies?

Discover how UVE can help you in various areas as we dive into key use cases for our clients, from gaining full visibility in fragmented markets to implementing an omnichannel route to market, and redefining retail data management 

Sell-out visibility

Sell Out Visibility

Route to Market Digitalization

Omnichannel Route to Market

Retail Data Management

Retail Data Management

Use Cases

Check some of our uses cases for CPG companies

UVE's integration with over 400 ERPs allows you to leverage all your data, regardless of your workflow


Seamless Integration

UVE is a flexible solution for data integration, letting you interact with the most widely used ERPs, CRMs and SFAs applications in the CPG distribution industry.

Achieve an easy and fast synchronization with your business tools, always with the maximum security to protect your data.

ViktorIA the AI from UVE Solutions

Viktor IA

Artificial Intelligence for Route to Market

As the brain behind UVE, ViktorIA turns your data into competitive strategies, offering tailored solutions. Intuitive and easy to integrate, it democratizes access to advanced AI, turning complexity into clarity and effectiveness.

ViktorIA is not just a tool, but a strategic partner, preparing you to lead the digital transformation in the Consumer Goods sector.


Resources & Tools for Developers

Access to advanced resources for developers. Immerse yourself in our developer portal, where you’ll find comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and technical support to integrate with UVE

Stay at the forefront with the latest updates and tools to take your data projects to the next level!

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