Maximize Customer's Portfolio Availability

Companies in the CPG industry interact daily with a vast number of customers, providers, distributors, each with its own set of needs.

UVE enables you to view, qualify, and segment your commercial universe in one single place. Centralize the most relevant information for your company and increase the effectiveness of your business strategy.

A sample of all the functions of our CRM for the CPG industry


Increase Sales with Advanced Segmentation

Limited Sell Out visibility prevents manufacturers from being aware of their product performance at the point of sale.

By leveraging advanced data sharing and data science techniques, we create highly targeted customer segments based on Sell Out data. This allows you to develop personalized action plans for each customer, maximizing sales opportunities and driving growth for your business.

An analyst using the CRM for studying customers' consumption preferences
A sales team using the CRM for creating customised commercial actions


Define Customized Actions

Commercial teams working with a large number of points of sale often struggle to define the right value proposition for customers.

UVE gathers all key information about your customers, letting you develop specific action plans based on reliable insights. Create custom prices, promotions or assortments to enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue.


An All-in-one Solution to Optimally Execute your Business Strategy

Integrated Solution

Integrate all your business information
in a single place

Commercial Planner

Configure assortments, prices, promotions and discounts

Information Management

Specific management of third parties, customers, points of sale and products

Action Definition

Create customer groups, action plans
and commercial routes

Advanced Segmentation

Qualify your customers according
to their buying patterns

Sales Force Analysis

Obtain advanced reports
to measure your business actions

UVE's integration with over 400 ERPs allows you to leverage all your data, regardless of your workflow


Seamless Integration

UVE is a flexible solution for data integration, letting you interact with the most widely used ERPs, CRMs and SFAs applications in the CPG distribution industry.

Achieve an easy and fast synchronization with your business tools, always with the maximum security to protect your data.


Turn Data into Insights​

UVE Customer & Product Management is integrated into UVE’s Platform, allowing you to obtain actionable insights, automate business processes and alerts and quickly identify areas for improvement in your commercial strategy thanks to Data Intelligence.

A single end-to-end environment to implement an omnichannel Route to Market and guide you to the perfect execution at the point of sale.

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