UVE Expands Its Horizons: Official Launch in the United States

UVE Expands Its Horizons: Official Launch in the United States

As the premier Data Intelligence & Sales Automation Partner for top-tier FMCG/CPG companies in over 28 countries, UVE proudly announces the opening of our U.S. offices, a key part of our international growth strategy. This expansion not only extends our reach but also underlines our commitment to transforming the commercial processes of manufacturers and distributors towards a business model based on Data Intelligence Automation.

A Unique Approach for the CPG/FMCG Industry

UVE has over 17 years of vertical specialization in the CPG/FMCG sector and in fragmented distribution channels (HORECA, Impulse, Traditional, Proximity, Personal Care, etc.). Thanks to the excellent work of our expert team, we collaborate with the most significant companies in the CPG/FMCG sector, managing a multitude of projects on an international level. We are a company with a different approach to doing things: we combine the SaaS cloud services of our modular platform with a deep understanding of sector-specific needs and the Route to Market. From gaining full visibility of your sales teams’ and third parties‘ performance at the point of sale to defining data-driven actions based on insights powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology has helped leading brands achieve remarkable growth and customer satisfaction by transforming their commercial processes with Data Intelligence Automation, empowering CPG/FMCG leaders to make data-driven decisions at every step of the Route to Market.

Expanding to the U.S.: A Strategic Move

Entering the U.S. market is a well-calculated step influenced by its diverse consumer dynamics and mature technology ecosystem. We are excited to introduce our technology and expertise, adapted to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the U.S. market.

Building Our Team in the U.S.

The foundation of our U.S. operations is a team that embodies innovation, dedication, and expertise. We are actively seeking dynamic individuals across various roles—from developers to sales and marketing professionals. Our goal is to cultivate a workplace that values creativity and strategic thinking, enabling us to drive forward our mission of transforming industry norms.

Join us!

Are you ready to be part of the future of the FMCG/CPG industries? Explore career opportunities on our website, connect with our HR team, or reach out via our social media platforms.

Moving Forward

We are on the brink of an exciting new chapter in UVE’s story. With our strong heritage and a clear vision for the U.S., we are thrilled to make significant impacts and foster growth. We invite you to engage with our journey, embracing the innovative spirit that defines us.

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