UVE Data Leads HORECA and Food

UVE Data Leads Horeca y Food

Our UVE Data Leads Horeca and Food Census is Now Available

  • UVE Data Leads Horeca and Food includes key information from 351,756 Horeca outlets and 170,378 food establishments.
  • It contains the addresses and useful information on commercial Horeca, Social Catering, Catering Services, Traditional, Modern and Impulse Distribution establishments in Spain.
  • The census has more than 46 segmentation attributes grouped into 10 categories.

We have updated the “UVE Data Leads Horeca and Food” census, which focuses on the number of establishments in commercial Horeca, Social Catering, Hospitality Services, Traditional, Modern and Impulse Distribution establishments in Spain. The census includes 351,756 points of sale in the Horeca channel and 170,378 food establishments, and forms part of the UVE Data ecosystem, which includes initiatives such as UVE Data Market (dimension of the Horeca market in Spain), UVE Data Leads (census of Horeca, Food and Distributor establishments in Spain) and UVE Data Ad Hoc (creation of ad hoc sectorial and international censuses).

UVE Data initiatives enable the enrichment of databases, as well as optimal segmentation and detection of potential customers in the sector. All this thanks to the categorisation and depth of information related to each point of sale.

Census segmentation

The UVE Data Leads Horeca and Food census is divided into different categories of establishments.

Of the 351,756 points of sale registered in the Horeca channel, more than 270,000 are commercial Horeca establishments, more than 70,000 belong to Social Catering and more than 8,000 to Hospitality services (catering and other services).

In the food channel, we have 170,378 establishments, of which more than 114,000 are in traditional distribution, more than 32,000 belong to impulse and more than 23,000 to modern distribution.

Census subcategories

In terms of segmentation by subcategories, and within the commercial Horeca, the UVE Data Leads Horeca and Food census includes more than 90,000 restaurants, more than 31,000 accommodation establishments, more than 132,000 bars and cafés, and more than 17,000 leisure establishments, among others.

As for the food channel, there are more than 37,000 bakeries, more than 7,000 impulse shops and more than 10,000 supermarkets, among other traditional, modern and impulse retail outlets in Spain.

In addition, the census allows segmentation according to different attributes or characteristics of the establishment, such as: available services, data of interest (characteristics of the point of sale), infrastructure (M2 surface area, turnover, number of tills, etc.), information quality checkers, seasonality of opening hours or high-value segments, among others.

The construction of the census

For data collection, UVE uses technology that is continuously trained and incorporates updated and reliable sources of information. In addition, UVE carries out automation and validation processes of the sources periodically, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the data.

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