UVE Data Italia: Introducing the 2024 HORECA Census

UVE Data Italia: Introducing the 2024 HORECA Census

At UVE, we’re committed to innovating and enhancing your Route to Market strategy. That’s why we’re thrilled to present UVE Data ITALIA.

This data intelligence initiative marks the launch of our first-ever census of HORECA establishments across Italy, featuring more than 340,000 points of sale.


  • Unmatched Coverage: Dive into the HORECA universe in Italy with key information on over 340,000 points of sale.
  • High-Quality Data: Trust in our data, backed by reliable sources and stringent validation processes, ensuring a clean, stable, and trustworthy census.
  • Enhanced Market Insights: Gain a comprehensive and updated view of the HORECA landscape in Italy, empowering your market decisions and distribution strategies.

How Your Business Benefits:

  • Refined Strategies: Leverage precise, up-to-date data to craft and implement more effective Route to Market strategies.
  • Resource Optimization: Discover market opportunities and optimize resource allocation, focusing your investments on areas and points of sale with the highest potential.
  • Continuous Improvement: This is just the beginning. We’re continuously expanding and updating UVE Data ITALIA to bring you the most relevant data for your business.

Expanding Beyond Italy

In addition to our coverage in Italy, we also specialize in creating ad-hoc censuses and data-driven initiatives specifically tailored for the FMCG and CPG sectors. Our expertise and innovative approaches can help your business gain a competitive edge in these dynamic markets.

Let’s redefine the way we understand and approach the HORECA market together!

UVE Data Italia

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