What makes us unique

We drive a model change inside companies,
a new commercial culture across the Route to Market

We are natives of the CPG-sector and fragmented distribution channel

Put your trust in an expert company. UVE brings 14 years of vertical specialization in the CPG sector and in fragmented distribution channels (Hospitality, Traditional, Proximity, Personal Care, etc.) to the table. We work for the most important companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector and manage projects across more than 28 countries.


years of experience and expertise in RTM data intelligence solutions


RTM experts make up our international team


customers – leading companies – trust UVE


countries with global UVE projects


Much more than technology: Sector know-how

We are a company with a different way of doing things: we combine the cloud SaaS services of our modular platform with our knowledge of Route to Market and the sector as a whole. Our team is made up of more than 100 local experts.

Time to project:
Efficiency and agility

Project implementation goals are rapidly achieved. You will have your UVE solution operational within an average of 5 weeks. A tried and tested technological solution and an integrated, end-to-end platform that is both available and scalable.


Permanent evolution:
Integrated AI across all processes

Direct your business with the best vertical solution on the market. Continuous investment and innovation, placing you at the forefront of the sector.

The sector is evolving, and we follow suit. That is how we keep growing year after year alongside our customers, adapting to the needs of an increasing competitive and complex sector.

The international reach of UVE-based solutions

Germany Andorra Saudi Arabia Algeria Bahrain Colombia Côte d’Ivoire Costa Rica USA Egypt the United Arab Emirates Spain Estonia France Ghana Italy Kuwait Latvia Lithuania Mali Nigeria the Netherlands Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar DR Congo the United Kingdom Senegal Singapore Ukraine

Meet the team

UVE is made up of a team of experts who specialize in the sector but, most of all, it is made up of people. Talented men and women with curious minds, a thirst for learning and the urge to help their customers navigate their business journey.

Jordi Vila

Jordi Vila


Raquel Cobo

Raquel Cobo

Consultancy Manager

Santi Vila

Santi Vila

Product & Quality Manager

Jordi Camps

Jordi Camps


Thomas Petit

Thomas Petit

International Operations Manager

Pep Planas

Pep Planas

National Operations Manager

Jordi Campabadal

Jordi Campabadal

Sales Manager

Reasons to join UVE

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Join an expert, specialized team, where you’ll be able to work on global projects for leading businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector

Good people and a good environment. We’re a young and dynamic team where everyone counts

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