Route to Market Data Intelligence

Increase your sales by up to 10% on your Consumer Packaged Goods channels

Sell more and sell better by flawlessly executing actions at the point of sale thanks to a new, collaborative business model between manufacturers and distributors, based on real business data and the generation of easily actionable insights

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Achieve Commercial Excellence
on your Route to Market

Our technology Platform allows for the successful development of a commercial model based around manufacturer–distributor collaboration, integrating all commercial and transactional processes into a single environment so you can perfectly direct your modern and fragmented distribution, either directly or indirectly.

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Connect with your distributors and achieve the perfect execution at the point of sale



Transform and digitalize your customer relationship to maximize your market’s ROI

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years of experience and expertise in RTM data intelligence solutions


active data-sharing processes between manufacturers and distributors


customers – leading companies – trust UVE


countries with Data Sharing processes

Establish a successful commercial strategy with UVE

Businesses without UVE

  • Zero visibility of POS sales (critical for fragmented trade)
  • Solely transactional distributor–supplier relationship
  • Heavy difficulty when comparing proprietary and distributor data
  • Business agreement based on logistical issues and Sell-In data
  • Poor quality, manual data integration
  • Decision-making based solely on aggregate market data
  • Basic analytics with no CPG-sector specialization
  • Non-integrated mobility and e-commerce solutions

Businesses with UVE

  • Full Sell-Out visibility at the point of sale
  • Your distributor as a business partner for a win-win situation in the market
  • Precise monitoring of sales at the POS
  • Automation of business agreements based on Sell-Out data
  • Automated integration of various sources and data excellence processes
  • Maximum data granularity for decision-making. Integrated AI
  • CPG-specialized analytical innovation
  • All-in-one ecosystem: data, analytics, execution

Data Intelligence & Sales Automation Partner

When it comes to Route to Market,
we propel a new business culture for our customers

About us

Coca-Cola GB Foods Mars Mahou San Miguel Codorniu Raventós Campofrio

Success stories

Leading Food product manufacturer

Integration of 2,8M orders and management of 170K outlets in more than 6 countries

Leading Food and Beverages distributor

2.3% increase in average assortment fulfillment and 15.3% improvement in introductions per subcategory

Leading Wine and Spirit Manufacturer

Improved promotional investment effectiveness by 15%

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Data Sharing

Successfully develop data sharing projects with your distributor network and monitor your sales at the point of sale via Sell-Out visibility

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Data Science

Obtain maximum data quality through algorithms that are unique in the sector and apply business intelligence to your commercial strategy

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Customer Management

Efficiently manage your distributor, customer, point of sale and product portfolio in a single environment

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Business Analytics

Accurately measure and analyze your business actions through more than 35 predefined reports with a specialized focus on the Consumer Packaged Goods sector

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Distributor Management

Integrate all manufacture–distributor management into a single environment and benefit from greater reliability across all your operations thanks to automation

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Sales Force Automation

Automate and boost your sales-force performance in mobility scenarios and achieve perfect execution at the point of sale

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Successfully direct your digital sales channel through a comprehensive, omnichannel system for digital order management

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What people say about us

“Working with UVE allows us to implement a uniform system for Sell-Out management with our distributors and gain access to reliable aggregate data, helping to improve the way we make business decisions”.

Armando Gomez
National Distributor Manager
Red Bull

“UVE has been a key element in unlocking outlet visibility in AFH in order to move to the next level our market grip and effectiveness”.

Yann Guelorget
VP Field Sales
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

“UVE has allowed us to focus our commercial resources and promotional activity on our distributors’ genuine needs. We now receive precise information so we can create better plans of action”.

Dionisio Moreno
National Distributor Manager
Calidad Pascual

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